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Politics | State | Thursday, June 17th, 2010, 11:28 am

Stephen King supports Mitchell for governor

William P. Davis
An ad featuring Stephen King from a 1970 edition of The Maine Campus.

Analysis of yesterday’s Maine statewide governor’s race extravaganza coming up, but first the latest campaign endorsement: The AP reports that bestselling author and spooky Bangor native Stephen King endorsed Libby Mitchell for governor while at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Boston.

King has previously spoken on behalf of MoveOn.org and backed Barack Obama for president in 2008 — the same year he raised the ire of some for implying children should learn to read so they don’t have to join the military.

Maybe not the most heavy-hitting political endorsement ever, but King is a local hero in Bangor, thanks in no small part to the boatloads of dollars in philanthropic funds that moves through Bangor thanks to the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation.

Mario Carmine Moretto is editor of Politicator and a founding editor of the Observer.

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