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In The Know | Politics | State | Tuesday, August 10th, 2010, 12:58 pm

Maine Tea Party movement brushes Amy Hale scuffle under the rug

UPDATE: Here’s a link Mike Tipping posted of the “other side” of the Amy Hale story, from Jeff Cucci.

There is trouble brewing, or maybe steeping, in Maine’s Tea Party crowd.

And they don’t want anyone knowing about it. Last week, our buddy Mike Tipping reported on a post at Maine Patriots in which founder Amy Hale was said to have circulated an e-mail where she described being accosted and forced to hand over the reigns of her website. Hale later filed a police report, the investigation of which is ongoing.

The whole ruckus is reminiscent of what happened last time people tried to have a decentralized, blue-collar movement. OK, maybe it’s not exactly the same as the Second International, but the point is that some core players in Maine’s Tea Party/Patriot movement are clearly having a power struggle, and a lot of it seems to be about personalities — at least if a post over at Paint Maine Red giving the “other side of the story” is to be believed.

That other side of the story was posted last week, and described how a group of Patriots had confronted Hale about concerns they had with the way she was running the posse. The post described Amy as a liability and an ineffective leader.

As savvy readers, you’ll notice a lack of direct quotes or links to the post in question. That’s because the post on Paint Maine Red has been removed, or at least hidden. So has the original thread at Maine Patriots where Hale’s e-mail had been posted, presumably censored by whoever took the reins from Hale. As a matter of fact, PMR’s whole forum is now members-only. Most of the users over at Maine Patriots seem to be concerned about how the controversy will affect their movement, saying things like, “We do not need a revolution within a revolution. We have a goal in sight lets stick to it, follow it and let the liberals beware.”

So why the secrecy? When the core sequence of events in the Tea Party drama unfolded last week, everything was out in the open. It could be that the Patriots are unhappy with the coverage their little flap received. Maybe the removal or hiding of posts that gave insight into what happened is just damage control.

Stay tuned as we try to uncover more about the Tea Party brouhaha.

Mario Carmine Moretto is editor of Politicator and a founding editor of the Observer.

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  1. Alex Steed says:

    I covered this a bit last week over at my campaign blog, and the majority of my search engine traffic came from folks looking for the Maine Tea Party, Amy Hale, Jeff Cucci, and other related terms.

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